A Message to Teenagers

Hello friends and welcome back to my blog.

As of now, as I am at an ending point of this uncanny teenage phase, I wanted to speak out on some anomalies that I have experienced or things that I observed from my other fellow teenagers with a message for all those people who are still into this phase.

From my point of view, a teenaged heart is the one that undergoes supreme metamorphosis with only little or no possibility of cleansing out the muck spread around, especially today. Today the scenario has completely put us down with hundreds of ‘tale-tellers’ on the internet that post heart wrenching relatable stories which aids to your hoax belief of worthlessness..

Are you so depressed that every other melancholy becomes your own story? Are you so weak that you start sobbing on any tale? Are we so desperate for attention that we seek sadness for showcase?

I believe not. This is not the way how the next generation is creating for themselves!

They should not perceive the transiting phase as the depressed one. Rather, teenage life should be filled with colors of joy and variety of love to detoxicate the negativity. Healthy relationships that would stay in heart for a while, perhaps forever. Fear only exists in thoughts. Speak up for your heart, remove the doubts. Clear your mind. Don’t get trapped into anything mainly sadness and depression. Deviate your mind to the things you like to do, may it be fitness, sketching, singing or anything. Use your mind to perceive the situation and act accordingly. Try to get matured during this phase because you will see lot of things around, you will come across spectrum of experiences.

As I have now approached the latter part of this phase, with all my experience, I’d like to tell all my fellow teenagers, you only need to believe on the power of your heart, you need to believe on yourself, regardless of what the societal norms lay as traps, do what you want, do what your mind says after analyzing the situation yourself. Also, to be very clear, I want to make this point printed in your mind that stories, tales, movies and songs are just meant for “entertainment purpose ONLY”, don’t get trapped into it. Don’t just relate any of these to yourselves, your life! Please.

Thank you for reading!

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Published by Saurav Shukla

A newbie in writing world lost in words customs and ideologies of this world. Like to stand strong on my ethics and keep going alone. An immense lover of music!

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